Compression Recovery Boots

Compression therapy involves using full length leg “boots” to sequentially squeeze or compress the extremities in different ways. What started as a lymphedema therapy has turned into a “elite” option to increase recovery from training sessions. Used my all professional sports including triathletes, runners, and mixed martial arts, it gives that edge to cut through more intense training sessions by

  • Biomechanically increasing flexibility and arterial function by pumping blood and lymph.
  • Increased nitric oxide release which increases blood flow for better nutrition delivery and waste removal
  • Sequential massaging the legs to relax muscles, especially the calves.

So if you’re an athlete in the Southlake, Keller, Trophy Club and DFW area, we can help you recover. Call the office to set up a trial and you will feel the difference of our Air Relax compression system.

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